Roaring success at the Everhot demonstration in Sussex

Roaring success at the Everhot demonstration in Sussex

The Everhot cooker demonstration on Tuesday the 8th October was attended by 6 separate customers in different stages of their purchase.

David Pengelly here courtesy of Everhot Cookers prepared the following

Rustic bread, lemon drizzle cake and swiss roll, sausage rolls with mustard and cheese as well as sausage meat. Mini sausages. Bacon and mushroom quiche. Asparagus with Parma ham.

David answered a whole host of good questions about the use of different ovens, positioning and movement of foods being cooked, temperatures recommended both for food being prepared on the day and other recipes such as roast pork joints and Victoria sponges.

We welcome all as part of their process, before, during and after sale to make sure you get the best from your brand new Everhot cooker.

We received many compliments not only on David’s presentation and advice, but also on the staff and surroundings here in the new cooker department – now your established dealer in Everhot cookers.

With two cookers sold on the day, clearly this is the place to purchase your Everhot cooker for Sussex, South Hampshire and South Surrey.

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